UltraTrim™ Curb Edge 3.5m

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UltraTrim™ environmentally friendly flat roofing edging trims & accessories. Features & benefits of UltraTrim™ compared to other systems on the market include:

• Competitive price
• Base material more pliable and therefore does not shatter if dropped; enables installation on curved edges
• Superior finish and neater appearance when installed
• UV Stable
• Better design - mechanical fix of two part gutter edge trim as opposed to ‘snap-fit’ provides a more secure fix and prevents warping and ‘snap-out’ of two parts when factory seams or repair patches are present in the membrane



It is recommended to fix a 25 x 50 mm batten to ensure a secure hold.

Cut the curb edge trim to required length and fix the foam tape to the trim as shown to the right. Fill the open ends of the curb trim with sealant or use the small endcaps. Ensure the membrane overhangs the roof edge a minimum of 50 mm, then fix trim. Install the corner then complete installation by fixing any end caps required if going from a curb to a gutter trim.

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