Illbruck PU Gun Grade Pro Foam 750ml

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FM310 is suitable for general gap filling, bonding and insulation applications. These include the perimeter sealing and fixing of windows and doors, sealing of service penetrations and sealing around insulation panels.


FM310 is not UV resistant and should be protected from sunlight with a suitable opaque sealant, filler or paint. As with all PU foams, it does not bond to polythene, Teflon®, siliconised or wax-like surfaces.



• Ideal for filling, sealing and insulation of joints and gaps in a variety of building and construction applications.

• Low post expansion improves accuracy of delivery, reduces foam wastage and minimises cutting time.

• Forms a strong bond to concrete, brickwork, stone, plaster, wood, fibre concrete, metal, PVC and polystyrene.

• Rapid curing formulation: Foam is tack free within 10 minutes, and can be cut or trimmed within 45 minutes.



Illbruck FM310 PU Gun Grade Pro Foam 750ml Technical Data Sheet

Illbruck FM310 PU Gun Grade Pro Foam 750ml Safety Data Sheet


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